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Jon Taylor

Automated Accountancy is passionate about providing a high quality management service that uses modern working practices for valued clients.

We focus on streamlining financial processes and systems, creating meaningful relevant data and making things as simple as possible to let you get back to work, or relax.

It’s much better for a business to have a real-time understanding of their financial position as it is key when making crucial business decisions which relate to budget spending and planning for the future. Waiting for an accountant to give a verdict on your numbers once a year is an outdated way of doing accounting – a business shouldn’t have to wait until its year end to be advised on how well it has done or how much it should pay to HMRC… it should be constantly aware of how things are looking.

How we work

The managing director, Jon Taylor will have an initial meeting with you to understand your business, its financial processes and future goals to help assess your situation.

He will look over your current systems and routines to see if there is any doubling up of tasks. A chat with your bookkeeper and payroll provider is useful to see if they can work more efficiently using better value for money tools, or even see if it something we can just do for you to make for a more connected offering for your business. He will also review your books to enable him to see where things can be automated and allow you to streamline your workload, improve your working practices and most likely reduce a bit of the workday stress. 

From there Jon will advise how he can make improvements and work together – there’s no hard sell involved. Automated Accountancy have a price guide available on this website to give you an idea of monthly fees but this would be confirmed after the meeting. 

Most business owners Jon talks to are genuinely surprised by all the elements he can take off their hands, and how clear their work days, allowing them to refocus on their goals, both personal and business.

At Automated Accountancy, we strongly champion making things as simple, easy and efficient as possible – if you’d like to arrange a meeting and chat things over, please contact us.

Managing Director

Jon Taylor is a qualified accountant with over 15 years of experience and a passion for making things as simple and straightforward as they can be in businesses.

He qualified with the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) and then the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and worked for three accounting practices across Yorkshire before founding Automated Accountancy in 2021 after seeing the pain points some many businesses had with their accountants and bookkeepers.

Having experienced a range of different sized accountancy firms he has a valuable insight into what they offer to their clients and how they provide their services – helping identify what they do well and where they typically struggle.

A massive part of his drive is to make things run as efficiently as possible – this is something he has been able to achieve time and time again by helping hundreds of businesses move to better ways of managing their books and ultimately their business by being able to generate relevant information in a timely manner.

He likes to keep things simple for his clients;

“My aim is to help businesses get from A to B in as few steps as possible. This can be to make their bookkeeping easier, identifying profitable products and services, or help manage cash better by getting real time insights of their business.

Yes, there are app stores full of tools and services out there that solve individual problems, and make things really simple. However there aren’t many services out there that join all of these processes up, generate timely, relevant and coherent information to the business owner.

I have found that working with my clients and offering my experience for simple and effective accounting solutions results in them getting much better value for money than they ever did, and more importantly an ongoing working relationship with real involvement that traditional practices struggle to offer.

Think of me as your business’ very own financial guy.”

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