Automated Accountancy

Automation Audit

An automation audit is where we take a look at your existing systems and routines to see where time and money can be saved.

Automation audits focus on every aspect of your business to see where time is being used inefficiently, then we help you change this to help you work more productively. An audit might help you free up more time to enable you to work on more jobs, or even give you the opportunity to work more efficiently and reduce the hours you work each week.

For example, if you currently use a spreadsheet or word processor to raise your quotes and sales invoices, then we would see if this could be moved into a bookkeeping package to remove the need for repetitively summarising this data again and again for your monthly accounts, VAT returns and year end accounts.

Another example might be where you keep a track of your business mileage on a piece of paper in your car. We might look to see if your smart phone can do the leg (or wheel) work for you to ensure every mile is tracked and not just the trips you remember to write down.

We’re happy to talk you through how we can help, and if you think our ideas would be beneficial, we’ll work with you to set your improvement processes up for you.

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