Automated Accountancy


Every business is different and therefore it’s quite difficult to provide an exact price upfront without fully understanding your business and your needs.

Some businesses like barbers and hairdressers for example, can be quite straightforward from an accounting point of view, even if they make a lot of sales. Typically there is a sale, and that sale gets banked or goes into the till.

On the other hand, online retail businesses tend to be a little more involved for each sale. There is a sale, then there are sellers fees, payment processing fees and then finally the money being transferred into the bank.

Automated Accountancy does provide fixed prices because we think this is one of the fairest ways to offer our services, but we always need a little chat to establish how much work is involved. As mentioned above, a barber making sales of £50,000 each year will tend to be much easier to administer than an online retailer making sales of £50,000 each year.

Fixed prices will help you plan ahead and give you reassurance that there are no hidden charges for the work agreed, as well as providing us the reassurance we have sufficient resources to to provide the service agreed.

Many accountants charge by the hour which we could do, but if you think about it that would give us very little incentive to do things efficiently for you, while at the same time increasing your anxiety about the bill at the end.

This is not fair on you or your business, and it’s the sole reason why we need to have an initial chat and a walk through of what you do in order to scope all the requirements we need to provide to help you free up your time to go and make more profit… or relax, whatever floats your boat.