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Automated Accountancy can cater for most UK businesses all the way up to medium sized business being audited but our specialism is providing accountancy services for Micro-Entities.

A Micro-Entity is a business with:

  • Turnover up to £600,000 – this is the value of your sales excluding VAT in a year
  • Assets up to £300,000 – these are things the business owns, like computers, vehicles, stock, bank balances and customer balances at any one point in time
  • Employees up to 10 – this is the average number of employees throughout the year, and will typically include business owners.

Our focus and support can be applied with greater care on issues that affect this size of business. We can help with start up grants, government apprenticeship schemes, applying for business loans and monitoring credit scores.

We understand the challenges that many small business owners regularly face because we are the same as you, and we’re passionate about helping you navigate through many of the ‘firsts’ you will encounter.

Automated Accountancy are highly experienced in working with the following sectors and we can offer a range of helpful tools and expert knowledge.

  • Creative and technology focused businesses
    • Marketing
    • Graphic designers
    • Software developers
    • IT consultants
    • Web developers
  • Service businesses
    • Trainers
    • Health and beauty
    • Landscape and gardening
    • Interior designers
    • Transportation and couriers
  • Professional services
    • Engineers
    • Medical
    • Financial advisers
    • Recruitment
    • Consultants
  • Traditional trades
    • Plumbers
    • Plasterers
    • Joiners
    • Electricians
    • Removal and cleaners
  • Retail and hospitality sector
    • Coffee shops
    • Pubs and bars
    • Catering
    • Gyms

This is by no way exhaustive, so even if your sector or specialism hasn’t been mentioned, give us a shout to see so we can let you know how we would help.

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