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PayPal Payments

PayPal serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders, offering services payment processing and credit provision.

PayPal Payments is a payment processor that enables businesses to collect payments using their clients card details, or PayPal account.

You’ve probably paid for something using PayPal Payments as the payment medium. Websites that take card details will usually guide you to payment page that looks like their brand, but really the “back end” is being handled by PayPal, ensuring the payment processing is secure and therefore safe.

Below are a few features of PayPal Payments to see if it might fit your business.


A single solution lets customers use a variety of payment methods on your site, on mobile or in your app. Include PayPal on your product pages to help increase conversion.

Pay in 3

With Pay in 3, you can give customers more ways to buy. It’s included in PayPal checkout at no additional cost. Just add messaging so customers know they can Pay in 3.

Recurring payments and subscriptions

Help to generate a steady revenue stream with subscription options for products or services.

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