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Guide to features of Mettle

There are a whole list of features that Mettle offer. Below are some of the best that we feel will make your day-to-day routines a much better experience.


When a payment comes in Mettle compares the payment reference, payment amount and payee to the outstanding invoices and then assigns a score to it. If the score is a “perfect match” then they auto-match the payment to the invoice.

For this to happen, the payment reference and the amount needs to be exactly the same as the invoice.

If Mettle doesn’t match it up automatically, then it’s just a few button clicks to get the payment and invoice paired up.


Sometimes, the most difficult thing about saving money is getting started. So to help, Mettle introduced Money Pots – a great way to start putting money away.

At Automated Accountancy we highly recommend having a VAT pot, and a Tax pot. This means that as you generate profit throughout the year, you have the opportunity to separate out money meaning you will never be caught short again. No more shocks near the tax deadline day!

For more information about our packages and what they offer (like monthly tax estimates), check out our packages page.

Apple and Google Pay

Mettle integrates with Apple Pay and Google Pay just like you would expect. For those that aren’t sure what these are, think of them as having your payment card saved inside your mobile device.

This means you can ditch the card and pay for things with your phone so long as the business you’re buying from accepts contactless payments.

Card Administration

One of the benefits of being an app based business account is that you can administer most of the things you used to have a call up your bank to do.

  • Lock your card when you’re not sure where it is, then reactivate once you’ve go it back
  • Replace your card when you can no longer put your hands on it
  • View your PIN for those times when your memory slips… we’ve all been there!


If you’ve already got some bookkeeping software and would prefer not to invoice from Mettle, then Mettle has you covered. It will integrate with Freeagent, QuickBooks and Xero. More integrations are planned too.

If you have some other bookkeeping software, then Mettle can even export transactions to a CSV file allowing you to import that data into the software you use.

Bank Charges

There aren’t any… enough said!


Because Mettle and Freeagent are part of the same family there is a huge benefit to be had. Having a Mettle account will allow you to get Freeagent free for life.

If you’re a sole trader then that’s a saving of £228+VAT each year. For a Limited company it’s a saving of £348+VAT each year.

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