Automated Accountancy


Think of us like your own personal accountant, on hand whenever you need us, but without the unexpected bill for providing support.

Yes, yes, we’re accountants, but ones that have all the knowledge gained from working with you throughout the year to ensure everything in your year end filings are as accurate and as tax efficient as they can possibly be.

We cover all the usual things your current accountant does, like making sure your accounts comply with the Companies Act and current reporting standards. The reason we’re different though is that this isn’t just done at the year end after we’ve waited around for you to bring your box of records in.

We do this constantly throughout the year as part of our service.

It would be pretty normal for your current accountant to call you up a month or so after you’ve given them your bag of records asking for a copy of a particular invoice. Because we’re involved in your business throughout the year, we already have the invoice because we’ve automated systems for receiving this information, or ask for it while it’s still likely to be in your inbox or in tray… not half a year or 12 months after the fact.

If we’re being honest, because you have allowed us such responsibility like bookkeeping, payroll and company secretarial services throughout the year, this part of the service isn’t such a significant step in the process of finalising the year end like it will be with your current accountant who sees you once a year.

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