Automated Accountancy


We love to do all your bookkeeping because it allows us to understand your finances right from the outset.

There’s really no need for you to be adding up all your expenses, saving your receipts, and deciding if something is tax deductible.

Quite often when a business does their own bookkeeping we aren’t always able to see issues until it’s too late. So let’s minimise this risk by letting us take care of this step for you. After all, you didn’t get into business to have to balance banks, reconcile sales ledgers and make sure your VAT returns follow the rules did you.

We make sure that:

  • Assets that the company own are captured, deducted in line with tax legislation, depreciated and disposed of correctly
  • Stock is recorded both at the original purchase, and the subsequent sale. We ensure it’s valued in line with regulatory requirements and written down to an appropriate value where it is no longer recoverable at its original selling price
  • Reconcile the sales ledger to ensure sales invoices aren’t missing or duplicated which helps chase every penny of debt your customers owe your business in a timely manner
  • Ensure bank accounts, cash and credit cards are reconciled on a timely basis meaning no deposit or expense is missing from the accounts to make sure you only pay your fair share of taxes, and not a penny more.
  • Reconcile the purchase ledger to ensure purchase invoices aren’t missing or duplicated which helps ensure we only pay our suppliers exactly what they are expecting
  • Run and submit all tax reports like Corporation Tax, PAYE & NI, VAT, CIS and Self Assessment to HMRC when they are required to ensure you don’t get behind on any of them, reducing the risk of an investigation, or worse, penalties and interest

With the extra time you might be able to squeeze in an extra business meeting each week, or just get to the pub a little earlier to fit in an extra celebratory toast for all the work you achieved this week.

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