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We love to spot trends that are happening now so that you can keep doing them if they benefit the business, and stop them if they aren’t.

Many accountants struggle to offer this because they typically get involved at the end of the accounting year rather than keeping in touch, even on a quarterly basis. At Automated Accountancy, we like you to let us do the bookkeeping, payroll and financial admin in order for us to know what’s going on with your business.

Because of our close day-to-day involvement, we are able to see financial signals much quicker than a traditional accountant, and so can offer advice when something begins to happen that needs to be stopped, or better still, try and establish a plan of action to get something to happen more if it’s good for you.

Areas covered can be endless, but they range from noticing you’re spending more of telephone that you used to, through to seeing profit margins on certain products slipping, through to productivity rates changing.

Each business is different in what they do and how they do it, but the fundamentals of being profitable and having a strong footing for the future remain constant. It’s making sure you have someone on your team to watch out for these signs for you – we do that.

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