Automated Accountancy

Payroll department

We like to handle this for you as part of our joined up service because it helps us build a picture of the business in real time.

We love to take care of all of the payroll duties your business is responsible for. Payroll can be one of the most daunting areas of running a business, and one that often gets outsourced to the cheapest provider.

Letting us handle this helps us help you make better decisions about bonuses, pay rises and employee benefits.

Areas covered are:

  • Gross pay calculations when staff are paid by the hour
  • income tax and national insurance deductions to ensure staff pay only the right amount of tax
  • attachment of or earnings when they are required from a court
  • employee loans and repayments to ensure the loan and repayment are correct
  • tax code notices for when an employees situation changes so that they don’t get behind with their tax affairs
  • pension calculation, deduction and submissions to your workplace pension provider
  • payslip, end of year (P60) and end of employment (P45) reports are delivered in a timely manner

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